One Small Step for SAMP, One Large Step Towards Bridging Tucson’s STEM Skills Gap
New SAMP Graduates Helping to Bridge the Skills Gap in Tucson

New SAMP Graduates Helping to Bridge the Skills Gap in Tucson The STEM skills gap is a complex problem involving poverty, educational attainment, regional employment needs, and much more. Unfortunately, the gap affects more than just businesses; whole communities, neighborhoods, families, and individuals are all victims of the skills gap. However, Tucson is making significant …

A Shop Manager’s Tips for Success in Today’s Precision Machine Shops
An Interview with AGM Precision Machining’s Shop Manager

In an effort to ease the transition from the classroom to the workshop, we interviewed AGM Precision Machining’s Shop Manager, Tim O’Moore, about what skills he believes every machinist needs to be successful in today’s precision-machine shops.

With the U.S. economy happy, healthy, and alive, the manufacturing sector has experienced renewed interest among the workforce as a viable and lucrative career path. But technology and processes have continued to change. So, what does it take to be successful in today's precision machine shops? We asked AGM Precision Machining's shop manager to tell us.
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Thinking about job routing and machine cell construction
Implementing Lean Manufacturing in High-Mix, Low-Volume Job Shops
The Two Most Important Lean Principles for Efficient Machine Shops

Successfully implementing lean manufacturing practices in job shops is notoriously difficult. Here’s what we recommend to help you get the most out of your machine shop.

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Current State of Tucson Manufacturing and Machining
Current State of Tucson Manufacturing and Machining
AGM Precision Machine Shop

It’s a good time to be a part of Tucson’s manufacturing sector. Employment is on the rise and growth is abundant. Invest in your workforce today.

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